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Garage Roof Repair Costs

Cost of Replacing a Garage Roof

Trying to find out how much a new garage roof will cost? In this article we breakdown garage roof prices by material and we look at the cost of hiring a specialist to replace and install a new garage roof.  Average Cost of Replacing a Garage Roof. This type of job should take 1-2 days to complete. €950

How Much to Replace a Garage Roof?

Garage roofs may need repair/replacing because of  a number of things, it could be damaged due to weather or an accident. Or perhaps it is just down to the usual wear that happens to years spent in the open, taking on the full force of the weather.

Damaged or wear on roofs can lead to further problems. A leak in your garage roof and long exposure to moisture can lead to dampness and even mould,

A damaged garage roof may lead to leakages and also lead to much more hazardous problems such as slippery surfaces and rotting timber. Even damage to vehicles.

Approx. Garage Roof Repair Prices

Materials/Job Duration Material Cost Labour Cost
Single Garage Flat Roof Materials 1 Day €450 €550
Double Garage Flat Roof Materials 1 Day €700 €550
Single Garage Full Replacement 2 Days €900 €1100

When Replacing a Garage Roof

Whether you have decided to replace your garage roof or repair your roof, it’s time now to go through the options of what materials you want to use and your type of roof.

A flat garage roof has the possibility of collecting or pooling water if not designed and constructed properly, as it has no natural drainage. Whilst a pitched roof will have the obvious added benefit of a slope allowing water and other debris to run off the roof. However, this can be quite a costly, time-consuming job. Changing a flat roof to a pitched roof means you will need to have further building requirements to help support the roof. If you already have one then sticking with a flat roof will probably be the better option.

In terms of drainage, most flat roofs should be constructed to incorporate a slight slope running from one end to other, allowing for rainwater to run off the roof into the gutter 15% is the norm.

Your type of material will also come down to a number of factors. This will include the durability, resistance, waterproof capabilities and cost. You must also take into account what you intend to use the garage for in the future.

When choosing a pitched roof, most specialists would probably recommend any corrugated metal sheet for your garage roof. This is due to corrugated materials being weatherproof, and lightweight, the corrugation also adds to the durability and helps with drainage as the water collects and runs along its ridges.

For flat roofs you have many options, torch-on bitumen felt, which is layered on using a naked flame, almost like tarmac as it is heated. This type of procedure shouldn’t really be attempted by non-professionals.

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