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We provide reliable, affordable roofing services near you in Dublin. North Dublin Roofing Are Premium Roofing Contractors Service All Dublin City & North Dublin.  Affordability and Reliability is Always Guaranteed, Call Us For A Free Quote in A Free Roof Inspection Today.

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At North Dublin Roofers, we provide fascia soffits & gutters for Dublin residents to prevent rainwater from destroying your pavement and foundation. We have good quality products, and our expert roofers will advise you on the best choice for your home. Our gutters come in a wide variety to allow you to choose what matches your roof and home. Whether you need a new installation, repair, or replacement of existing gutters, you are welcome to call us for a free quote.  North Dublin Roofers are the best roofers North Dublin, and other areas have. You can rely on us for any roofing need, and we will help you get your dream house complete. One primary benefit of working with us is that we offer a free roof quote & costs estimation to help you determine what roofing meets your budget.  We would love to help you complete that building project with elegance and sophistication. Allow us to provide you with the best services in all of Dublin at pocket-friendly prices. We have no consultation charges, and we guarantee you excellence in every assignment you hire us to perform, whether installation or fixing leak & repairs.  The roof is an essential part of any home in Dublin, and without it, the place becomes inhabitable. That’s why you need expert roofers in Dublin to help install and maintain your shelter in good shape for decades. At North Dublin Roofing, we are the best roofers in the market and are always ready to handle any roofing type or design. Whether you need us for initial roofing, maintenance, or fixing leaks and replacing missing tiles etc, we promise to give service that you will not regret.

Gutter Services Dublin

Many people in Ireland and around the world often forget or neglect to budget money for guttering. It can be costly because you need to replace your old gutters with new ones. If you are concerned about this issue, you should find a reliable Gutter Company. Are you looking for new gutters or Guttering Repairs North Dublin? Visit us at North Dublin Roofing Services. We are a family run business that cares about the work we provide. We are happy to tell you about our ongoing services in Dublin. Our roofing experts know there is no permanent fix which is why they also offer guttering services, maintenance, and repairs.We are a top-rated gutter cleaning and repair company providing excellent gutter cleaning services in Dublin. We have been servicing the city since 1995. We have gained a lot of customers due to our reputation for excellent customer service and their satisfaction with our work.We have been installing guttering for over a decade and have the experience to offer you good quality products, the best prices, and an excellent standard of work. We are well known as a professional and reliable guttering firm that delivers on its promises. We also offer our clients a variety of materials out of which they can choose their preferred one depending on their taste and budget.  Fascia & Soffits fitting.- We can fit fascia to your guttering, soffits, and roof so that it looks as good as new. We are happy to offer a free quote for this service.  Specialist gutter repairs and services. - Any guttering problems need to be dealt with immediately, so if you are concerned about your gutters, let us know now. We can offer free quotes for all gutter repairs, including loose gutters, damaged fascia, and broken-down shutters. Our gutter repairs costs are also pocket-friendly. Other roof repairs - We undertake roof repairs for a variety of businesses and homeowners alike. We use the most modern materials that can last long, just as we have been doing for many years. 

Dry Verge Roofing Systems

 A verge is the roof section where roofing tiles end, where the roof connects with the gable. Traditionally, roofing dry verge is fixed using mortar to create a weatherproof and waterproof finish. However, nowadays, dry verge systems are in use. Dry verge systems are roofing systems involving interlocking verges or caps that clip over roof tile edges, protect the tiles, secure them, and prevent pests and water from accessing the roof space.
Wet verge, made of mortar, naturally deteriorates with time, caused by weathering and natural movements in a building, which eventually dislodges the mortar. This leads to the formation of cracks in the mortar. When cracks are present, the risk of leaks and pests increases. Also, cracks in your roofline mortar make the roof look undesirable.
Dry verge systems are made of plastic, making them more durable and less demanding maintenance. In addition, they provide an attractive, clean and uniform finish to your roof, which helps increase your home’s resale value. While installing a dry verge system, you can purchase one with in-built vents that enable ventilation into the roof space. This is significant as it reduces mildew and dampness in the roof and the quantity of moisture and warm air in the roof space.
Unlike wet verges made from mortar, dry verge systems maintain their quality over time because they endure various environmental factors. For example, dry verge tiles move with the property’s natural changes, which helps maintain roof integrity. But, this is not to say that you should not regularly check on your roof. Ensure that you inspect your roof, especially after severe weather conditions. Give the roof a quick check at least twice yearly to identify signs of wear and tear before they escalate.

Flat Roofing Services, Repairs & Replacment Specialists

North Dublin Roofing Services are a flat roofing specialists offering all types of flat roofing such as fibreglass, asphalt, and rubber roofing as well as leak repair detection and repairs.  North Dublin Roofing Co. is an experienced masonry, flat roof, and gutter specialist in North Dublin. We specialise in the maintenance and repair of flat roof leaks and guttering systems for residential customers throughout North Dublin and the surrounding suburbs.

Flat roofs need special care to ensure that they remain strong. We apply waterproofing methods to keep them from leaking during heavy rains. You may be surprised that flat roof repair and installation are more straightforward than you think, and our trained roofing experts can handle your project efficiently and effectively.  Fibre glass roofing is suitable for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is widely available and relatively easy to install. Also, it won't deteriorate; hence can be left in place for a long time without any worries. We have proven it to work well on flat roofs and provide its users with durability, fire resistance and sound insulation capabilities. We also offer fibre glass roof repairs. It is an important service that we provide. We use waterproof materials to repair flat roofs, improving their resistance to wear and tears. It also enhances rainwater drainage and prevents the buildup of heavy dirt and mud on the top, keeping your home safe and dry.  We use the highest quality materials in various colours and textures. They are easy to maintain and look great. We offer it at affordable rates and guarantee its quality.  We use flat shingles to repair flat roofs when leaks occur. We commonly use this solution for flat roof repairs and maintenance due to its ease of use, low price, and short-term benefits.

Fascia Soffit Installation & Repairs

When you want your home to look beautiful, the team that you choose to handle fascia and soffit repairs and fascia and soffit installation matters. We can help you give your home a finished look that will draw attention from all who drive past it. If you care about the way that your home looks, get in touch with our team today.  We Know How to Handle Fascia and Soffit Repairs:  Storms can damage siding and the fascia and soffit on your home. If someone is going to attempt fascia and soffit repair work, you need to know that they understand what they are doing. You do not want your home to end up looking funny and attracting negative attention, and the wrong team will mess with the look of the overall place. We know how to handle repairs, taking what is broken and replacing that with something that looks perfectly good on your home.  We Can Replace Fascia & Soffits or Add Them on New Homes:
If you are looking to change the overall look of your home, we can handle fascia and soffit installation work for you. If you have lived with your home having a certain look for a number of years and you feel that it is dated, we can help you make the place look new again and fitting with the times. If you have a brand new home that needs the added beauty that fascia and soffit brings, we can do work on that new home.  We Offer a Free Quote to Help You Understand Costs:  Before work starts on your home, you want to know all about fascia & soffits costs. We can help you get a good idea of what it will cost for the materials for your project, and we can help you know how much we will charge you for our services. We will come out to your house at no charge to you, ready to give you a quote of what your project will cost.


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We use North Dublin roofing for all our roofing repairs because we find them reliable and consistent to deal with, Jordon or Eugene have sorted out many roofing repairs for us over the years.  Definitely recommend them.



Thank you Eugene for getting to us and repairing our leak after a storm, greatly appreciated doing our roof repairs. 

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